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Would it be possible to get astiga to read and respect the browser theme? I have automated my system to respect light and dark themes based on the time of day and this would be one more place where it would be awesome to use the built-in dark theme rather than force my own with dark reader.

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    Can you give me some more info about how this would work - what you mean by a browser theme? When you say "built in" do you mean the dark theme built into Astiga, or your browser?

  • the browser. chrome for example can tell if windows or mac os is using a light or dark theme and style its windows accordingly. See the following screenshot. https://i.imgur.com/QtadJHl.png I just took this screenshot at 8:50 am Mountain standard time but my browser and the websites within it as well as my OS are dark themed because ive toggled it on manually for this example.

    So basically the site would be able to read the browser theme (light or dark) and toggle to match accordingly. I have a browser extension that i use as part of my setup called dark reader which creates a dark theme on all websites but I would rather use the native dark theme if possible. This would automate that functionality so anyone using dark theme in their browser would have astiga themed dark. The user could manually toggle it on or off. Most apps that use this functionality have 3 settings (light, dark or use system setting)

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    Do you have any examples of websites that do this?

  • Twitter is a very good example and one you can see without logging in.

    Bitwarden password manager also does it but i think you have to be logged into your account.

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