Gathering crash data/diagnostics?

I am running the lastest version of Astiga on Android 10 on a Galaxy A02s.

More often than not, when I start streaming from a folder, the app will crash about 2 minutes into a track. After the app restarts, it seems to work fine in perpetuity. But if I stop streaming, open the playlist again later, and start streaming another track, it will crash after 1-3 mins.

It seems to be limited to one folder that does have 1100 items in it, but it doesn't seem related to what file I pick in that list of 1100 (item 1, item 500, item 1000, doesn't matter). All of my tracks are stored on S3.

What other information can I gather to diagnose this problem?

One somewhat unusual thing worth mentioning is this phone has no cell service and is just using Wifi, but I can't imagine that would affect anything. Also some of the tracks are MP4 audio and some are MP3.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    I think the lack of cell service should be fine.

    Does the app have focus - is the phone screen on and the app displayed when it crashes?

    Don't suppose you'd be prepared to enable tracing: ?

  • the app has focus, though the screen may have gone to sleep if I have set the phone down

    I can certainly try enabling tracing. I was basically looking for logs or something I could do further. That might help

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Yeah - I don't think apps keep logs that much unless you enable them - let me know if you get anywhere with the tracing. Send the trace to

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