Metadata Bug

Hey I'm having an issue, it has to do with metadata. So for certain tracks I'm not sure why but the metadata will get changed from what I added in mp3tag which is a metadata writing program. I've had to fix incorrect metadata in the metadata editor for Astiga, I know it's wrong because I added the metadata myself and it doesnt show up that way on my music player. Astiga changes it on its own, plus every time I sync my library the items which I fixed the metadata for revert to the old metadata and I have to fix them again. Any ideas?


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Hi - I've replied to your email, it might be best to discuss there anyway because I need to know a few details about your library.

  • im so sorry but after a long night of checking my audio files the problem turned out to be my files and not astiga, I got it all working now. I had to convert the flac tracks to flac again or back to wav and then flac and then the metadata tags would show and the correct metadata would then be set on astiga, so it was my files that were corrupted or better said converted using a flac level which was out of the norm which then introduced issues. I got it all working now. Astiga is behaving just as it's supposed to. It's an awesome service.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator


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