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I am pCloud user now on an Astiga trial. Playback works without issue. I need to try out sync to see if this offering meets my needs. I know most smartphones have abandoned micro SD expansion, but mine has 1TB for extra storage. Am I able to set the sync location to my SD card? I did see a spot to enter a directory, but I did not see a way of specifying an SD card.

It looks like I must sync for album art support. All album art does exist both embedded and as Folder.jpg files. My album art is large in some cases (1000x1000 as an example). Will large jpg images be an issue at all?

Thanks in advance.


  • Astiga is a cloud player. You must use a cloud storage, webdav, ftp, etc... You can use other music players to use your SD files. It's not what Astiga is intended for. But you can point Astiga to you Pcloud account. Works flawlessly with Pcloud.

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    Thanks for responding. I already pointed Astiga to my pCloud account when I started my trial. I am successfully playing My Music located on pCloud as I posted originally.

    What is missing is album, art. I see absolutely none of it. At this point, Astiga is failing my trial. That is why I posted my question.

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    Astiga is not overly expensive if it does everything I need. If it cannot use my SD card for sync and requires my limited phone main storage, this is a show stopper. SD card support should not be tough to add, so I would be very surprised if it does not already exist (?). Not displaying album art is also a show stopper. Based on what I have read, sync is required for album art to work. This goes back to my SD card support question.

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    What has worked without issue is playback from the cloud. Not being able to search and not displaying album art are now what is preventing me from continuing use of Astiga.

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    Your files are correctly tagged? I'm Pcloud user. My tags are perfectly curated, so I have metadata search and cover art (some covers over 1500 pixels) If your asking about using your SD card as cache for synced files, sure you can do it. only changing cache options on the android app. But I tought you were asking to use your SD card as an "storage account", and that's pointless...

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    The reason I posted this is that I do not see a way to do it. Storage location is asking for directory. There may be a way to indicate SD card via directory, but I'm not an Android expert to know this. There's no checkboxes that state use my SD card.

    As I posted, it appears sync must happen before any album art gets displayed. I have not started sync, because I did not get an answer to the SD micro card question.

  • Settings - cache/network - cache location . You can manually point to any directory, internal memory or SD card (internal/external).

    You can't use metadata if you don't synch. Synch is intended for that. After synchronization, metadata search and cover art will appear on the player, mobile and web. If you browse only through online drive, metadata is not loaded.

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    Thank you!

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    It is already automatically using my SD card by default 😅

  • It's ok. 👍

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    @Dryst Sorry for only just noticing this, I must've forgot to check the forum yesterday. It looks like you still haven't synced - can I help any more?

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    Thank you for responding and no worries. I got the answer I was looking for. I will start my sync as soon as possible. I got tied up on other things.

    Based on Cernunnos response, sizing of album art will not be an issue. This is good news.

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    Synchronization started finally!

    Album art is now showing with no issues. I am now learning and using this software for all music playback in my vehicle.

    I have a decently sized media library stored in pCloud of many genres of music. I would like my own music to be what gets played while driving, so having the ability to switch to specific genres and avoid repeat plays is what I would be interested in.

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    If you're using the app, you can browse by genre and shuffle the tracks from there. Is that what you mean? (Edit: I see you're asking questions about genres in other more specific threads so let's keep it in there).

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