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My sync was started hours ago from my Android mobile app that directed me to the web interface to initiate it. I did check off the option to send an email when it completed, and I have not received mail. I am assuming that it is still executing. I am able to see content on both the mobile app from my phone and the web interface from my computer. For my computer I see more content, such as items by genre. From my phone I click the hamburger icon (upper left), Library, Genres and it shows me: No data.

Would I be able to create a filter that does the following? Select all music of the genre Electronic that has not been played in the last 30 days. I wish to create a playlist that contains this criteria in a random order.

Thanks in advance.

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    You can use (almost) any subsonic compatible player on Android. Astiga app is a Dsub fork. You have some filters on the "library" tab. But maybe out there you can find another app with better filter. Maybe substreamer or ultrasonic. There are a lot. That's a really good option about Astiga service. You can use the player you like the most. You're not tied to just one player.

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    I copied your library and it works for me. I can see Electronic, Acoustic, Folk...

    Do you see albums ok?

    Are you clicking Library -> Album lists -> Genres?

    The genres are cached. Can you pull down when on the genre list to force a re-query?


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    I just received an email stating that synchronization has finished minutes ago. The Android app continues to display "No data" for hamburger, Library Genres. Are there additional steps for the Android app to display content by genre?

    Okay -- I think I understand what is going on now. The Astiga web application has the ability to display Genres of you music collection. It also has a few other categories to display music too. The Android app appears to not have this ability (at least that I can find). The hamburger icon (upper left), Library, Genres is actually attempting to show a playlist. I have no playlists at all, and this is why "No data" is showing. I just saw the same thing under the web application specifically for playlists.

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    No - genres should definitely show where you are indicating. I can see genres were imported when you performed the sync. Can you try restarting the app, if they still aren't showing?

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    I stopped the app then restarted to still see "No data." I also performed a force stop then restarted it to again see the same.

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    That was the answer. I simply needed to swipe down to refresh. I see genres now.

    Thank you!

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