Android App Does Not Support 180 Degree Screen Rotation

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Just today I enabled automatic screen rotation on my Android 13 smartphone. I inserted my phone upside down in its cradle due to charging using my portable battery pack. This is version 1.5.11 I have installed. With auto screen rotation enabled, the display rotates only as far as 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise. It does not support 180 degree screen rotation at all. When I inserted the phone in the cradle upside down, the display was also upside down even with auto rotation enabled. This can easily be reproduced via holding your phone in your hand and rotating it.


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    As a side note-- Google Maps supports 180 degree rotation, and I have used this app with my phone upside down charging the same way.

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    It looks like Google Maps is special in this regard. 180 degree rotation is not normally possible.

    I got this to work via enabling developer mode on my phone and using adb along with SystemUI Tuner to force portrait inverted mode (upside down display).

  • 180 degrees rotation is quite unusual... Very few applications supports that. Astiga doesn't. And I suppose it's not going to be supported in the near future. @gravelld can confirm that.

    Poweramp is my second player for offline music. And doesn't support 180 degrees rotation neither....

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    Thanks for responding, and understood. If it is do-able and can be implemented, I wish to request it as a feature enhancement. If it cannot be done, I already got Astiga mobile app to rotate 180 degrees via SystemUI Tuner as I wrote. I can simply use this to see the application while my phone charges.

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    Yeah, I can see how this would be useful given physical charging constraints. I often get annoyed about my phone's position in the car, with the placing of the charging cable avoiding the gearstick etc... So I would like to do this.

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