Editing playlist options + playlist images.

First of all, love the playlist pages! Really happy with this update :D.

Probably a next step that's already on your agenda, but playlist editing (outside of current cue) would be a great thing too. Both editing playlist in the playlist page, and having an option to add to playlist from others' (I feel like I mentioned it before but I can't find the tread so quickly, so appologies if it's double).

On another note, I was wondering, is there a reason there are no pictures? If anything I'd expected it to be using first or a random album art from the playlist like it does on mobile and other pages on the web player seem to work in a similar fashion (if you plan on making an editable image selector, it would still be nice temporarily if not too much trouble. But I can understand leaving it out in that case if it would be a lot of work). It looks a bit odd now.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thanks. For background: my philosophy for software development is release fast, release often. Work is always "sashimi sliced" - small parcels that are noticeable and usable by users that move the software forward, if only slightly. From there, gather feedback and resolve this against the roadmap and strategic direction.

    The two main things you suggest, out-of-play-queue editing and adding directly to playlists are scheduled. Actually, our very next main work item is adding directly to playlists. Again, this might appear in a limited form at first.

    The missing pictures - these should show the generic blank album art images (you'll see them on the screenshots in the release thread) but clearly we're not showing the correct image for dark mode here - I'll add that as a bug. Associating images with playlists is also on the more detailed roadmap, as is auto-generating or auto-choosing a default image.

  • DrystDryst Member
    edited April 2023

    How are you able to get so many playlists? You have seven shown just under B. I am only able to have a single playlist imported. My second playlist is always ignored by batch import. Is there a different way to upload playlist files perhaps?

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    So the second playlist you import isn't saved? You need to click the button next to each playlist, right? They all have different names too? If you could send any screenshots we'll look into that.

  • DrystDryst Member

    I cannot save it, because only one playlist is ever given me the option to save. All others but that one are ignored. I now have three playlists existing with batch import running with a single one shown 10 times. No others are shown at all.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Ok, I'll look into this. Thanks.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    It looks like we begin to get the playlists (we have to traverse the entire folder structure) but the connection is closed half way through. At that point we kick off a new fetch, which repeats the process and that's why you see the multiple identical rows.

    We'll look into the underlying cause of this.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator
    edited April 2023

    We've fixed the dark-mode blank album artwork images - https://community.asti.ga/discussion/comment/2555/#Comment_2555 (you'll need a full refresh).

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    We've been doing some investigation work into this. We've found the cause; because your @Dryst 's library is large it takes so long to traverse the folders that we time out. We then re-try exactly the same thing again, timing out each time.

    We're making two changes to fix this:

    • The timeout, which is imposed for the entire duration of the call to find the playlists, has been changed to only apply to each folder lookup. This makes the timeout much less likely to happen, and so your attempt to find the playlists should complete.
    • We don't automatically retry any more.

    These fixes should hopefully be in next week's new build.

  • DrystDryst Member

    I appreciate your efforts to identify the root cause and plan the fix.

    I was also going to suggest a single instant play list upload as opposed to a bulk search


    A configurable playlist path to search only.

    I understand the rationale behind the current implementation; however, my playlists only exists in one location. I have zero playlists in any other location. All the searching currently being done is unnecessary in my case.

    In any case as long as this issue is resolved all will be good.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Oh - sorry I missed your post @Dryst .

    Yes, playlist upload is on the roadmap - I think also the ability to browse your storage and click "Import" on a playlist would be useful.

    In the meantime, we've released the fix for bulk import: https://community.asti.ga/discussion/comment/2592/#Comment_2592

  • DrystDryst Member
    edited May 2023

    Thank you. I successfully imported all three playlists. However, it took several attempts to get it done. There was a change in behavior. Now I must wait until the bulk play list import is complete prior to attempting to add a play list. If I click an import button for a found play list before the bulk import is completed, I will always receive a timeout error. Only when the scanning is 100% completed will the import buttons work correctly.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Ah yes - we noticed the import would block another request. Thanks for this, we'll add it to address.

    Thanks for testing the fix!

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator


    Now I must wait until the bulk play list import is complete prior to attempting to add a play list. If I click an import button for a found play list before the bulk import is completed, I will always receive a timeout error.

    This should be fixed in next week's release - thanks for reporting.

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