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Just a quick question. Is the streaming quality (from Google Drive in my case) the same of the original file or does Astiga compress it?


  • It depends on the file format. Some formats like Flac, mp3, aac, goes directly to the player with no transcoding. Other like m4a, opus, and some more, are transcoded. The transcoding is made to flac 44100 1400 bks aprox (if i remember correctly) so no noticeable compression. But so so much higher file size and bandwidth...

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    Thanks @Cernunnos . Formats that aren't transcoded (as denoted by file extension, not internal byte stream):

    • aac
    • flac
    • mp3
    • ogg
    • oga
    • opus
    • wav

    Transcoding only happens, by the way, if you're a premium member. If a music file isn't in the above list and you're not a premium user it is still sent in its native format, and it's up to the receiving player to transcode it. In the Web player this is done by

  • Just a question. I´m a premium user, and would like to avoid transcoding. Didn´t knew that free users received native format. In that case, as an example, the Android app transcodes it? or just tries to play the original file?

    How can I, as a premium user, receive original file instead of transcoded version?

    Thank you!

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    Other than being one of the file extensions above, there isn't a way currently. It would make a nice option. In your case what are you streaming?

  • My personal case, mostly all my file collection is in m4a format. So it´s transcoded. I manually do a batch extension change to aac. (Not recoded, just renamed) And that avoid transcoding. But, when my files are in aac file extension. I can´t use it properly in other local players, and also some metadata is lost, due to file extension metadata limits.

    I supose it´s a very unusuall case, most users uses mp3 or flac files. But m4a is my favorite file format.

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    I think it would be a nice option, all the same.

  • That would be perfect. For me, that´s one of the biggest missing things for Astiga, the opportunity to choose transcoding option or not.

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    This feels like it should be part of your original suggestion:

  • Yes, exactly. It wasn't very popular suggestion....

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    Hmmm, dunno. Most people don't say anything!

  • Sure... But it´s better to give opinion. So the service can grow and be better for everyone.

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