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In the Android app it's possible to set stars (some kind of favorites) for Artists, Albums,... + I've the option to use a star rating system (5 stars). It would be cool, if I could use this option also in the web player (+ sync).


  • Also if/when this is implemented, it would be nice to play songs based on star rating. For example playing all songs that are 5 star ratings or 4 star ratings, etc.

  • LoloLolo Member

    I can't vote for this feature (it's like the vote is disabled, maybe because it's imported from the old forum).

    I would like to 👍️ the feature request, I really miss it on the web player.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited August 2020

    @Lolo You cannot vote for it anymore, because you already voted for it (at least according to the system) 😉

  • I would also like to be able to play just the tracks from an album that I have applied a star to so I can in effect just play my favourite tracks from any album.

    Though currently in the app if I star a track is disappears when I go back to my library..!

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator
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