Playback/Play Queue breaks when viewing album details on web app

neasanneasan Member

OK not sure how to describe this but this is what is happening:

  • Build a new play queue by adding two albums (click +, + Now Playing)
  • Hit play
  • Music starts playing
  • Click on any album to see details/list of songs
  • App "refreshes"
  • Playback stops and play queue changes to a previous play queue with different songs/albums/order

This only happens when you click on an album to see the details I can navigate the rest of the interface without anything happening (well other than "Songs" taking ages to load).

Then change of play queue seems similar to be how the web app remembers the play queue from the android app (but not vice versa)

I am running:

  • macOS 13.5 (M2 Pro)
  • Chrome 115.0.5790.170 (Official Build) (arm64)


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