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When I click any of these, they appear to get stored in some manner. However, I am noticing that each time I re-import a play list, these items are then never present for tracks I have played in the past. How are these three persisted? Are they then not permanent and only temporary?


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    A "Star" is just a toggle - either something is starred or it's not.

    Thumbs up/down toggles the rating between 5 and 1. You should also see these in the Web UI.

    I'm puzzled about the re-importing. Can you give me the exact steps you follow when importing, and also maybe reference to playlists and files you've experienced this with? Send an email - if you're uncomfortable doing this on the board.

    Also - what you are starring/rating before.

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    By re-import play list, I refer to the Bulk Import feature. I have m3u8 play list files that select unique tracks for play back. My media library has many duplicate tracks, and I use play lists to select the single track I wish to hear during play back (whether it is the longer version, higher bit-rate version, or etc).

    Whenever I add new music to my library, I always recreate my play lists in Astiga to be sure my new music is then available for play back. I have played music using Astiga for some time now. I was using thumbs up and star most of the times for music I love. I have done this for several songs during play back. I see that the star and thumbs up remains set for the same music if I replay a track; however, once I delete all imported play lists to then re-import them I am seeing that I lose the thumbs up and star settings for the music I previously set this for. I am not changing the FLAC files on pCloud at all. I am simply deleting all the m3u8 files, re-adding them all, and finally re-importing them all through Astiga.

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    So this happens regardless of whether you have added new music like you wrote at the start of your second paragraph?

    Can you give me an example of a song that isn't showing the thumbs and stars any more?

  • The only time I delete all playlist from Astiga and pCloud followed by bulk import on Astiga is when I add new music. I do it no other time, so I cannot answer that question.

    I will have to make note of one next time. I am always adding new music, so I delete imported playlists all the time. I will respond when I have this info.

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    Thanks! 👍️

  • Quick question--

    I just played a track setting both thumbs up and star. I then view the artist listing for the selection to see this on my mobile phone:

    I am seeing five stars that represents the thumbs up. Does the tack icon represent the star? I am seeing a bunch of tacks for various files I have played. I see no other rating stars other than the file I just clicked thumbs up.

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    I am now playing Out of Body from this image above that is track 06. I do not see a star selected at all for this track even though a tack was displayed. Both star and thumbs up are not selected.

    I do have the app set to cache tracks that have a star. This was what I imagined the tacks were representing.

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    I just added a new release to pCloud storage and followed my usual workflow. I deleted all m38u files from pCloud storage, added the new release I just purchased to pCloud, deleted all playlists from Astiga, created five new playlists that includes the new music I added, added all five of these new playlists to pCloud storage, bulk imported all playlists. The playlists now exists in Astiga again.

    I am finding that the ratings I set have remained. I browsed to the 03 Blind track as pictured above, and it shows five stars along with the tack icon. When I click this file to play it, I see thumbs up selected; however, the star icon is not set. The star got lost. It does appear that the thumb tack icons are related to the stars in some manner. I have many thumb tacks next to tracks that I would have set thumbs up for, but they are all missing ratings. There may have been a change for ratings that improved this. It looks like the stars are getting lost though.

    Here is the same screenshot captured after performing all steps again moments ago:

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Ok, thanks. I'll check these examples, but I might not have enough time until tomorrow.

    Stars are stored separately to ratings (thumbs up/down). But as I said there's nothing obvious I could see that would be deleting these - it might be an app-only problem.

    The tacks mean the songs have been downloaded ("cached").

    Are you using offline mode at all?

  • I never use offline, but I set the option to cache files that have stars. It looks like I was losing everything just as I originally wrote, but now the ratings are remaining with only the stars being lost. All those tack files were both set for thumbs up and star. I set many files with both of these.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thanks, I'll check.

  • The option I had set is under Settings|Phone sync|Sync starred-- Automatically cache songs, albums, and artists which are starred.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Two nights ago I can see one case where, on your account, an "unstar" occurred.

    I can't see what the file/track/thing was that was unstarred.

    Right now, I don't see *any" stars in your account.

    Right, I just followed it through. It looks like the issue is that Astiga doesn't store "stars" for tracks! I think the stars are cached in the app, but despite being sent to the server they aren't stored there. I'm guessing that at some point that cache is flushed, maybe when you perform a re-sync.

    What do you use stars for?

  • I set them for the tracks I love just as I was setting thumbs up. Knowing they were being cached, my thinking was that these tracks would play back faster. I was originally losing everything including thumbs up, but now it appears just the stars are lost. This is an improvement.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Ok - I guess we should store this still for consistency's sake!

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