Adding song to play queue in mobile app results in many duplicates added


  • When a mobile app user is using cellular service that is intermittent, adding a song to the queue will result in hundreds of duplicates being added.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Android app v 1.5.21
  • Add a song that is not cached to the play queue
  • Disconnect from network(s)
  • Press play
  • Go back to add more songs
  • View queue

Expected results:

  • The song, and any additional songs added to the queue are added one time, in sequential order as selected (or as configuration dictates)

Observed results:

  • The song is added about 100 times, and any others added are also duplicated in similar amounts (without observing playlist ordinal - two songs that I added to the play queue were scattered throughout my existing queue, with instances of them between other songs that occurred in the "middle" of the queue)


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