Genre button on artist/band pages not working correctly.

Whenever clicking on the genre on the artist and band pages, I just get a white screen and music stops instead of it going to the genre page. It's about this button:


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    That's odd - works for me. Can you give me the URL you're seeing this on?


    I've been having some trouble with this page on other places too. Today I couldn't reach it from the genre page, but I could from an artist page instead. However, trough another artist page it didn't work again.

    The Kpop genre page is by far the page with most entries, so perhaps that has to do with anything?

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Maybe it is related to the size. I just tried going from that artist to the genre, and then the band to the genre, and it works ok for me, but the initial load is a bit sluggish.

    The odd bit is the white screen. If the link has the class "nav-link" it shouldn't do that.

    Have you tried a hard refresh? Could you open developer console and look for any issues?

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