How To Remove A Previously Played Song From Website

On I played a single song one time about two weeks ago. This same song now shows at the footer of the webpage within the player each time I visit the site. It is not playing, and I have not played it again. However, the website scrobbles to that this song is currently being played even though it is not. I can find no way to remove the song from the web site's player. I logged out, cleared browser cache and cookies, but it will not go away. I do not mind it appearing without me playing the song, but the fact that it scrobbles it as being played when it is not is an issue for me.

How can I remove a previously played song from appearing from the browser player?


  • On a side note-- I refreshed my profile showing scrobbled songs, and the song vanished and no longer shows currently playing. My guess is it would stick if I actually did play the song again, but I think it should only scrobble if I actually play the song.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    It's because it's in the play queue. Click the trash icon to clear the queue:

    We recently made a fix to make sure the queue is updated whenever it is changed - before it would do this on an interval, but a very long one, thus the queue was often not saved. Thus, perform a hard refresh on to make sure you get the latest scripts.

  • I actually do not have either of those icons on my screen.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator


    Can you post a screenshot of the play queue?

    Just to be clear, the play queue is what you get when you click:

  • That was the reason -- I had to click that first. I just cleared it.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    This has come up before, we need to make that way more discoverable.

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