S3 compatible storage: folder called "0" is ignored?


I think I've run into a bug here. I'm transitioning to Idrive's S3 compatible storage for my music collection. I found that Astiga is not "seeing" a folder called "0" in my collection. I have used rclone.org to upload the folder and its - works fine. also using the web tool provided by Idrive: folder and its content is visible. However, browsing with Astiga (and also running the index process) it's ignored.

I've worked around this by renaming the folder to "0 - 9" and then everything works as expected. In case it's relevant: the folder is at the level where I've grouped artists mostly by the first letter of the name. I did not see any other issues with folders that have a single character name (at the same level in the bucket folder hierarchy).


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