Trouble connecting to InfiniCLOUD over WebDAV

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When trying to connect to InfiniCLOUD over WebDAV, I'm getting the following error across the Astiga page:

Method Not Allowed

The requested method PROPFIND is not allowed for this URL.

I verified that the connection settings are correct, and was able to connect just fine in another app. The URL is and the password token is given to you on your account page. I'm trying to add this account because 4Shared seems to have quietly (as in, this isn't reflected in their documentation at all) turned off their WebDAV support, at least for free users like me.

Edit: User error. I needed to move the /dav/section of the url to the Initial Folder box. :D

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  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    So it works now? Can you say what your current initial folder setting is?

  • CralexCralex Member
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    Sure. While all their branding says "InfiniCLOUD", they're using the domain for everything under the hood. So the proper settings are like so:

    Base URL:

    Initial folder: /dav

    Listening to a track from there and it works fine.

    For anyone looking to do the same, you need to go to your account page on InfiniCLOUD and turn on the Apps Connection, which is what generates the App password, which you use instead of your account password. (You only get one active at a time, so be sure to write it down if you plan to connect to it from elsewhere besides Astiga.)

    Edit: Removed trailing slash, since I use a music folder within the account's root that I forgot to remove.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thanks so much!

    So is /dav not a folder, named by you, in your storage? It's a 'boilerplate' folder you always have to use?

  • That is correct. The directions explicitly say to connect to to get to the root of your storage, but I got the aforementioned error when I dropped that into the Base URL field, even without the trailing slash.

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