Astiga Home Screen Shows Recently Played Content I Never Played

I am encountering a weird scenario. Just Saturday for the first time I played a never before playlist through the Astiga mobile app. I am continuing to play this same playlist only when driving. The odd thing is I looked at my home screen that shows recently played content. It is showing music from my collection that I have never played. I do own the music that it shows, but I had never played what it is showing. I took a look last night before I slept to wake to find four albums that I do own I never played mysteriously added to recently played. I am looking at the Astiga mobile app right now where the one song paused on playing is four behind the most recent that I have never played.

Any ideas what is going on?


  • Okay I see what is happening. It is the mobile app causing this. The four albums I had not played are showing in the mobile app after the currently playing song in the Astiga playlist. The songs have not been played, but they will eventually be played. The songs appear in the play list with a tack by them all. They have been cached and queued.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Yeah - the caching action does count that as a play currently. Ideally we would tidy up these semantics.

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