Questions from a new user

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Two questions from a new user.

1) Can I create a playlist within Astiga? If so how?

2) Is there an iphone app? If so, what is it called?

For your reference I'm using on chrome browser right now and linked to music stored on dropbox. I do not have any playlist created on dropbox.


  • 1) Yes, there a few ways but the easiest way(I think) is:

    • Open the play queue (bottom right hand corner button that looks like a musical note)
    • Add songs/albums to the play queue (click the + button beside a song/that appears when you hover over an album artwork and choose "Now Playing")
    • You can move songs around by dragging them to reorder them
    • Once you have your playlist click the Save button at the top of the play queue and give it a name

    You can also

    • import existing playlists (they are picked up when you do an import)
    • Edit any you have already created on the Playlist section
    • Add songs to a playlist by clicking the + and choosing the relevant playlist

    2) No, but in the Apps section the recommendation is AVSub but any subsonic app should work.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thanks @neasan 👍️

    It's one of the short term items to add a "create playlist" button so you can create one without the play queue.

  • QumQum Member

    Thanks for your responses. Very helpful!

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