Synchronisation temporarily suspended [now restarted]

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The library synchronisation process is currently suspended while we investigate a problem with sync. I'll update this thread when we restart it.

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    The process should be running again now - please let me know if you observe any issues.

    1. The Sync process apparently believes my One Drive/My Files/Music also has /Documents in it. It is reading and attempting to sync much more than I have instructed it to. Also
    2. "You can stop the syncing process by clicking here" never lets me know it has stopped and it leads me to believe syncing continues.
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    Thanks for the feedback - I'll look into this later.

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    @RockyJocket Hmmm, I'm not seeing what you describe. In your latest sync /Documents is not mentioned and only your Music folder is traversed. Furthermore the initial folder is not /My Files/Music , it's just /Music . I wonder if I'm looking at the correct account - I'm using the email address you're registered under anyway.

    Could you maybe get in touch via or start a new thread, because this original thread is for an entirely different purpose.

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