Song selection incorrect when album has multiple songs by the same name from different artists.

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Alright, this is probably a not-so-common case. But I noticed today that when an album has multiple songs with the same title by different artists, all of them are selected accourding to the song lists.

Play queue is not affected.

For example, on the 2021 Eurovision there where 2 countries with a song named Amen. Which makes the 2021 CD have a track Amen by Vincent Bueno, and a completely different track Amen by Ana Soklič. When one of the two is playing, bot are listed as play now.

I guess the algorithm for that selector just looks at track name, album, and maybe album artist. But doesn't take track artists in account.

I have the ESC tracks tagged as following:

Track: Amen

Artist: Vincent Bueno

Album: 2021: Open Up

Album artist: Eurovision

Track: Amen

Artist: Ana Soklič

Album: 2021: Open Up

Album artist: Eurovision

The issue can be seen here. Amen by Ana Soklič is playing, but Vincent Bueno's song is highlighted in the songs section (if you would scroll down, Ana Soklič's song is also highlighted):


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    This is great stuff - thanks. I'll create a test case and a ticket in the next day or two - hope that's ok.

  • CambionnCambionn Member

    No problem. It's not exactly a common case anyways nor is it very bothersome.

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