Album with multiple art gets split up

CambionnCambionn Member

I ran into a new probably not that common case. I have a few albums that have separate album art for certain tracks. While it never was an issue in the beginning (Astiga showed the art from the 1st track on the album related things, and the correct art per track on track based things), it seems that now albums are considered unique purely for having different art.

I can understand making the distinction on other metadata, but I've never seen an album being separated by art alone, but not anything else like artist, album title, release date, etc. I have however, a few albums that use multiple album art for different tracks within the same album.

I would suggest skipping album art (and only the art) when checking for unique albums.

Currently, the albums show up as following, which doesn't seem wanted:


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Ah - yeah I think I know why this is. We'll look into this. Thanks for posting.

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