A way to mass edit bookmarks

I use the android app to listen to my collection of audiobooks, often these will have some amount of extra content at the end of the file that I may or may not skip. Because of this the app creates and remembers a bookmark for where I left off which I have to delete manually. There is no way with bookmarks to select many or all and delete them, ideally there would be an option to delete all tracks that are not currently cached.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Currently I see the only way to delete is to press each pin on the Bookmarks view individually.

    If you had a long-click then delete option in the "..." menu would that work?

  • @gravelld Yes, even a long-click then select all in the "..." menu would work if you could manually deselect some. To be honest even without the deselecting would be a major bonus. Thank you

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