Keyboard shortcuts

It would be neat to have keyboard shortcuts for basic controls like play/pause and next/prev song.
If anything like that is already present, make it more discoverable, e.g. through a "help" page and/or tooltips when hovering the corresponding buttons.


  • ColumboColumbo Member

    This would be great, something similar to Beardedspice would be really useful

  • If you hover over the controls at bottom center of the web interface you'll see hotkey tooltips:

    Shuffle (S)

    Previous track ([)

    Play (P)

    Next track (])

    Repeat (L)

    Unclear if these mappings can be customized though. That might be a nice option.

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    At the moment of writing, the key mappings cannot be changed.

  • On my Microsoft Surface Go, the shortcut [ or ] doesn't work at all, but P for Pause/Play works good. Maybe a trouble with the mapping of the Surface keyboard?

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