Genre's on multiple storages

Dear Koen,

I love Astiga, and funny to read I use it with TransIP Stack, just like you wanted to do so too.

Now, i have two storages connected, both from Stack, but with different music on it.

So, both are together in the app and account.

Now the bug is, that when I view Genre in the App, it shows me all the genre's in BOTH storages, even though i select 'this storage only'. I expected only to see the genres which are in the storage which was selected and the option 'this storage only' was on.

Thank you for looking in to this!


  • KoenKoen Administrator
    edited June 2020

    Hmmm... It's not so much a bug, as that it is something that was never implemented 😅. Which is strange in and of itself of course; will look into it.

  • Thank you, that is indeed interesting, but then there are so many things that can change with multiple storages.

    I never tested it, but for example, it seems like the files all get cached in the same place on the memory.

    So what happens if you have two different songs, with the same path and name? If you are looking in to that, i would check this one too.

    But thanks and I look forward on you implementing this feature!

  • I'm getting curious, how is this comming along. Any concrete plans on implementing this feature?

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    It has been implemented, and will be there in the next version. I'm not quite sure when the next version will be released.

  • I was curious when this would be released and to my surprise that was yesterday. I have used it and at first glance it works like a charm. thanks big time!

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