A few questions regarding the Android app functionality

I have been trying the android Astiga app for a few days. It is really good, however, there are a few things I'd liked answered, if possible:

  1. Library in the app seems to be storage browser as opposed to the library in the web interface, which is basically, well, my music library. It is a bit confusing. Is it supposed to be like that?
  2. Under Settings > Accounts, I can add new accounts, does this mean multiple Astiga accounts? What is this used for?
  3. If I delete some files/folders on my cloud, then resync my cloud to Astiga, would it take as long as the initial scan?
  4. Is there a way to cache the library structure to the app? Currently, the only issue I have is that while browsing albums or artists or anything in the app, it only shows a limited number of items and when I want to scroll down, it has to load the next batch from the server, showing "please wait" at the bottom. If I browse albums alphabetically, It would take me quite a while to get to the letter "Z" albums, for example. Is it something I have to do or the app doesn't yet have this feature, which I think is a must?

Astiga is almost perfect for what I want in a cloud player. I'm currently using 3 other apps for this purpose, only one can be said to be fully functional, but it gets updated like twice a year now and has multiple shortcomings. Astiga, on the other hand, has everything I want in a cloud streaming app. The web interface is gorgeous and functions exceptionally well (two thumbs up for playing/adding random selection). The android app has this constant loading thing, otherwise it'd be perfect.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    1. Potentially, yes. It is not a one-to-one, as it also depends on whether you have tag browsing turned on or not. I am planning on renaming it to prevent future confusion, although I am not sure what to rename it to, as storage would be to limited (and confusing in its own right).
    2. Correct. Mostly used for people who share a household, and have one central tablet to control their music.
    3. No, it would only process the changes. So everything that stayed the same will be skipped.
    4. It will most likely be cached in the future. I would recommend keeping an eye on the beta version of the Astiga app, as it will most likely appear there first (hint hint 😉).
  • AgistaAgista Member

    Wow! What a quick and helpful response! Thank you. :)

    I hope the library caching comes soon since I will be using Astiga primarily on my phone.

    I really hope you keep continuing developing this project. It's brilliant.

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