Does Astiga have capability to write to Dropbox/Onedrive etc?

Hi all, I want to allow my sister to use my Dropbox music as well and wanted to ask if Astiga has the ability to write to the cloud, or just read?


  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited June 2020

    Astiga asks the minimum amount of permissions it needs, which is if possible read-only access to a specific folder. The latter part is unfortunately not yet supported in most cases. For OneDrive, Google Drive and pCloud, it is just read access (even though OneDrive may display "read and write access", only read access is requested and granted; Microsoft is aware of this issue). For the others, the situation is a bit more complex. I thought Dropbox also had an option to only request read access, but it seems I confused it with an announcement that they will support that in the future, so in that case it does technically have write access (although that part is not implemented in Astiga, so it could not utilise that functionality anyway). However, once Dropbox supports requesting read-only access, then Astiga will most likely switch to that.

    So no, your sister would not be able to write to your Dropbox. Your token is specific for Astiga, and whilst the token technically allows writing, Astiga does not implement writing to any storage, hence she would not be able to do so either.

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