Why does syncing my library re-add files that have not been modified?

Currently, to sync new music to my library, I have to do a full sync which takes several days. This shouldn't be the case though, as I haven't modified any of the files in my cloud storage. It should only add the files that have been added ro modified. Is there a reason this is happening?

Also, I subscribed to Astiga premium but I'm finding new music in my storage isn't being automatically synced, a feature which the premium subscription is supposed to offer.

Many thanks.

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    Automatic syncing can be turned on in your storage settings.

    As for why it syncs unchanged files: did you force sync? Because that will cause it to sync every file again, regardless whether they have changed or not. If not, then it depends on your storage. Every storage implements this change check in their own way. In some cases, it is simply based on the modify time, or a file hash, or something else entirely. In the case of WebDAV, whatever server you use decides how it implements the "has this file changed" check.


  • sks316sks316 Member

    As for the syncing taking a while, I believe Astiga has to check each folder in your storage for new files first before it can sync. It shouldn't add files unless they've been modified, consider checking your sync log to see if it is.

    As for the automatic syncing, try turning it on in your storage's settings.

  • That's great, thank you. I've found the setting now to enable automatic syncing.

    With regards to the syncing unchanged files, I did not force sync. I use pCloud storage, so it could perhaps be something to do with the way I'm syncing my local files to the cloud storage. I'll look into it further. Thanks for the response.

  • CoyleyCoyley Member

    Hello all. I have joined recently and uploaded 80K+ songs to Pcloud linked to Astiga. I took off automatic sync and ran one each day as the uploads completed (it took a while and was nice to see the progress!). Now I have completed the main upload, I'm hoping for faster library synchronisation. I certainly could see it redo already synced files. At the end I made sure the time and date stamps within the music was all copied over. I'll see how that goes and report back.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited July 2020

    I published some changes which should make sure that already synced files are not synced again. It won't affect already running tasks, and the first new task may still try to sync everything, but tasks after that should only try to sync newly added files.

  • CoyleyCoyley Member

    Thank you Koen.

  • CoyleyCoyley Member

    I added three CDs to my library, rescanned and the library sync picked them up and a few changed files (and a couple not changed), rather than a wider unneeded change to the library - so your work Koen has made a huge difference. It took a very short time compared to previously after the latest change. Thank you.

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