Frequent app crashes with latest update (Verison 1.5.5 / 8 June, 2020)

AgistaAgista Member

The most recent update made two new changes. It renamed "library > browser" and added library caching, both are great and the fact that this update came so quick after a question thread I started is amazing.

However, the app has become unstable. I was able to reproduce the problems multiple times.

(Info on my device and settings: Galaxy Note9 (Exynos), . Around 200GB music is stored on OneDrive, all tracks are properly tagged 320kbps MP3s.)

If I scroll down the album list aggressively, the app reads the albums and lists them fast without showing album art and sometimes gets stuck for 10-20 seconds saying "please wait" but then resumes. After the entire library is loaded, album art still will not load and likewise, opening an album takes up to a minute, initially it says "please wait", then "contacting server, please wait". I suspect this might have something to do with limitations of the cloud service though. Issues start after that:

  1. Going back to the home menu and selecting albums alphabetically (like I did the first time), the app either crashes, or if it doesn't, it starts loading the albums from the server like the first time. So the library is cached only as long as I stay within the album menu and don't go back to the home menu.
  2. Sometimes while I'm still on the album list screen, if I press home button to go back to the phone's home screen, the app crashes.
  3. If it didn't crash then, then reopening the app and going back to the album screen might cause a crash.

If I load the albums slowly, i.e properly loading each album with art. Everything works well and I can go to any letter from the scroll bar, however, exiting the app still caused crashes twice and again, if I exit the app or even the album list menu and go back, it starts reading the library from the web again.

If videos are needed, I can try to reproduce the bugs and record them.


  • KoenKoen Administrator

    I'm aware of it. It has to do with how the album art is loaded, and how that is handled in memory. That works fine with 20 at a time with load time, because the covers are loaded within that time frame, however, when that goes quicker, it has to load so many covers, that your phone cannot handle it any longer. Fixing that is not exactly trivial (well, disabling cover art would fix it, but that is not really desirable either).

  • AgistaAgista Member

    What about library caching? It will stay there for as long as I stay on the albums/artists screen, otherwise, it will reset and has to load again.

  • KoenKoen Administrator

    The problem is the same (namely: caching), it just shows in multiple ways.

  • AgistaAgista Member

    Thank you for the prompt replies.

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