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I am looking at getting pricing for moving my music from google to amazon S3 but am unsure how to use the AWS pricing calculator. Is there anyone here who can give me advice that uses S3 already?

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    Yeah, we use S3 a lot. One of the main things to keep an eye on is the cost of data transfer. What difficulties were you having with the AWS calculator?

    Why S3?

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    Cost mostly. I want to see if it will be cheaper than Google One and i know that initially, it might be but that s3 storage is all about usage so if your streaming alot cost can go up quickly. The difficulty is they want info about data transfers. I have no idea how many gb per month would be streamed. As well as what kind of requests astiga does so that I can get accurate calculations.

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    Yeah, you'd have to make estimates. It'll depend on the amount of music you play and how long you play it for. Also, the Astiga sync process downloads your files (all of them the first time, and any new ones after that, or all of them if you flush your library).

    For end-consumers I'd look into something less open ended - take a look at https://www.blisshq.com/music-library-management-blog/2020/10/01/cloud-storage-services-music/ . What was it making you consider S3 in the first place?

  • Price. I'm aware that S3 has a higher learning curve as far as configuration goes but I'm an AWS certified sys admin and have some experience with their products. If there's another option that will save us money then I'm all for it

  • My music collection is less than 100 gb of storage. so even i drive which is the cheapest option according to your chart, is WAY more money than I want to spend.

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    S3 is $27.60/year for 100GB, which is still more expensive than iDrive (which is moot because iDrive isn't supported by Astiga ;-) ).

    Did you look at Wasabi? I think that would be cheaper...

  • It does look like it would be cheaper however, I am on a very tight budget and wasabis pricing calculator is for much larger amounts of data than I am dealing with. I sent a message to their sales team so I can hopefully figure out my options.

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    Wasabi also has the benefit that there's no egress cost.

  • I saw that. Which would be huge for me.

  • After talking to one of their sales reps,

    Wasabi requires the terabyte minimum of storage. That's not going to work for me

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    Oh! Thanks for confirming that.

    Backblaze B2 if you want the S3-compatible interface?

  • I'm a bit late to this. I don't know if it helps now, but I'd suggest considering IceDrive.net. The least expensive plan offers 150gb storage, 250gb/month bandwidth for $20/year. As far as value goes (for legit cloud services), I think it's unbeatable.

  • These are all valid suggestions which I will have to take into consideration. Basically we had to go up to 200 gb because we kept bumping out storage cap on Google drive.

  • There is no "minimum storage" for Wasabi, it's just that storing between 0 and 1TB per month costs the same $6.

    I have been using Wasabi exclusively for asti.ga for at least a year, maybe more. You will not find cheaper S3 cloud storage, primarily because of the lack of egress fees. $6/mo is a steal, especially considering all the advanced utilility available in the S3 API that is not available in the out cloud providers.

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    $2.95 per year, One user, 100 GB Storage <<< iDrive

    Ooof. Wish I'd seen that before jumping into pCloud with both feet. Less space, but significantly less cost. That's a pretty good deal!

    Can't recall, could I get three accounts' worth of iDrive and play them all in Astiga? I could, I think...

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    Only iDrive e2 is supported by Astiga, as that's the S3 compatible product. Their personal backup product isn't.

    Funnily enough I was only looking at this today. I found this discussion on the rclone github which links to something someone has hacked together for making calls to the personal drive product - https://github.com/rclone/rclone/issues/5229#issuecomment-1073055292

    Unfortunately though, as per our experience with MEGA, unless a storage provider gives proper assurances about an API I'd be very circumspect about supporting this - the support cost might be high.

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