Play/integrate device located music files

I just came across this app. I am sure a lot of people will come to Astiga because of the closure of Google Play Music. I have been loving the app so far. Dropbox integration is spot on.

One thing I would like to be able to do is play music files already on my android device storage (synced manually from my pc). I could do this with GPM, and what's more, it would know if the device files were also stored in my Google Play Music archive and only show the device files for that album. I liked that feature a lot.

Any chance of replicating this feature in Astiga?


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    I notice there is a hacky way to achieve this, by pointing Astiga's cache to my manually synced files.


    Astiga doesn't seem to sync the artwork of these files, though I can play them just fine. It also makes it tricky to empty the Astiga cache without deleting my synced files (I might want to delete the cache of songs Astiga has downloaded, but keep the manually synced files, for instance)and appears to mess with scrobbles too.

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