How syncing, playlists and favourites work

I am having some confusion with Astiga. I use the android app and trying to make use of the web interface.

I would like to use Astiga to play files on the go but also to SYNC files onto my device so I can play them offline. Doing this using playlists doesn't make logical sense. Yes, I can sync an entire playlist, but if I delete an album from a playlist it doesn't get deleted by Astiga. Weird.

Then, I thought I could maybe use 'Favourites' to be the way I sync, but favourites don't show up on the web app, making the whole process incredibly tedious on the device. To favourite all the albums I want takes so many extra clicks. If I could even just select a whole load of albums at once and click to favourite them in a single menu, that would make more sense.

If I could easily favourite every album in a playlist, or at least navigate albums on my device by looking at only the favourites, then this would be a solid method of syncing. But favourites have no real function if I can't see them in the menu or the web app.

As it stands the way Astiga allows me to stream my collection is fantastic, but to sync and rely on carrying and organising my collection on my device? Not so good.

There needs to be a couple of simpler ways to sync and organise my tracks, with a focus on albums. At the moment I am worried how messy this is going to get.


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Do I understand it correctly that you want to keep everything offline on your phone? The simplest way would be to turn on Settings -> Appearance -> Permanent Cache, and then for every folder you want to store offline in the list press "Permanent Cache".

    Might take some time the first time around (Astiga is not really made for storing everything offline).

  • No. I do want to be selective. It is just complicated to do it this way, having to click on every single album and press permanent cache.

    If I delete an album from a synced playlist then will it delete on the device? That is great, but then the playlist organisation on the web app needs to be easier. At the moment it's quite complicated, as are favourites, which don't show up on the web app at all.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Yes, syncing a playlist "pins" all songs from that playlist, and "unpins" songs that are no longer in the playlist.

    There is also a feature request for better playlist management:

    And there also is a feature request for starring in the web interface:

    Both are on the radar

  • therourketherourke Member
    edited July 2020

    Fantastic! Those additions would be extremely powerful. Looking forward to seeing how the app develops.

    Not sure I understand yet if stars and favourites are the same. Nor the need for the permanent cache, if you can set favourites to automatically sync.

    Streamlining and clarifying all these things would also make a big difference.

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