FTP Server

cothekcothek Member

I have my own FTP server and am having trouble getting it working with Astiga. Whenever I try to synchronize Astiga says it can't find any folders. I'm guessing this has to do with being connected in passive mode but I don't know which ports Astiga uses. Can someone help?


  • KoenKoen Administrator

    Which ports it uses in passive mode is generally dynamic, although you might be able to tweak your FTP server to always use ports from a certain range.

    As you can see the client (Astiga) asks the server in passive mode which port it should connect to.

    What could also be the case is that you have selected the wrong folder. I find this more likely, as Astiga can apparently connect (or at least get a valid response from the FTP server). Let's say you have a user "bob" and his home folder is /home/bob. Then if you were to enter "/" as initial directory (the default), it would most likely tell you that it cannot find any folders, as "bob" cannot list the content of "/". If you set it to "/home/bob", then it will work. It depends on the FTP server what the correct path is.

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