WebDav not working for Koofr cloud storage

When I enter the base URL (https://app.koofr.net/dav/Koofr) I get this error:

Please match the requested format.

I don't understand why this appears. I know Koofr supports webdav as I've used it in other programs before. Here is a website explaining: https://app.koofr.net/help/webdav

Please help me!!! I really want to connect my storage so I can use astiga's great music player


  • Just realized this has already been fixed, sorry about this y'all. It was just solved recently here: https://community.asti.ga/discussion/186/getting-astiga-to-work-with-koofr-webdav#latest

    Apparently I can't put https://app.koofr.net/dav/Koofr as the base URL, but instead put https://app.koofr.net/ and then put dav/Koofr as the initial folder.

    For the record, I did use the search but this topic didn't show up at all so that's why I didn't see it earlier.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited October 2020

    No problem. The search uses Google CSE, which is very good at searching things (because it's effectively a Google search limited to community.asti.ga). However, it may lag a couple of days behind sometimes.

    I am surprised at the second question about Koofr in a short time. I had never heard from it before, and now twice in a short timespan. May I ask how you found out about Koofr? Just out of interest. I will probably add it to the presets list to prevent confusion in the future.

  • Oh hi!!! Thanks for all your hard work on astiga by the way, I really love it!!! Yea Koofr is definitely just now gaining some popularity, thanks again!!

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