Sync don't work anymore (don't detect new folders)


These last weeks I added 3 different albums folders to my /Musique folder in my Onedrive. But afte several attemps in few days, I noticed that the 3 new albums do not appear in the Recently Added section. But I find them in the Browser section and I can play the MP3 files (web app and Android app).

When I check the synchronisation process output file, I notice that none of the 3 new folders appear in the log. The sync process doesn't seem to "see" the folders...

Any suggestion?



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  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    What I can see is a sync that started on 2020-10-19 that is still running (because the Vibe queue is quite busy at the moment). Were those folders added before that or after that?

    Also, do they appear when you refresh the "Recently Added" section (pull to refresh)?

  • They don't appear in the "Recently Added" folder. I didn't know the sync started on 2020-10-19 was still running 4 days latter! I admit my collection is huge... !

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Well, your library is large, plus there was an issue with Vibe a couple of days ago, which triggered a lot of people to resync everything at roughly the same time. I expect it to be back to normal next week, although Vibe will always take quite a bit longer, as it tries to do audio analysis on all your audio files, which is quite a resource-intensive process.

  • Thanks for the quick answers and thanks for Astiga, I really enjoy using it after few years with Google Music.

  • I actually have this issue every now and then too, especially when playing around with metadata (and how Astiga handles it) causing me to resync a lot. Astiga doesn't seem to like that. Sometimes it later suddenly sees them, sometimes not. Sometimes I get an error it's not a sound file, despite the exact same file having worked in Astiga before. Sometimes only synchronising one folder suddenly does work, but then next time you synchronise everything it tries to overwrite that folder and it might break or work. By now I got quite a list of workarounds for when this happens and generally one works, but it's a bit inconvenient. Eventually it fixes itself tho, but the time it takes to do so I'm unsure about.

    The issue where this folder didn't sync that I send you (Koen) a mail about long time ago also is part of it. I also had it with older folders now.

    I gladly work around it for now, but just wanting to let you know it's a more widespread issue.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    @Greguti @Cambionn Feel free to send me an email if that keeps happening, then I will look into it. However, I cannot do that when the current sync is still running (as only one can run at a time). Please do include which folder(s) it concerns, so I know what to look for.

  • This morning the 3 new folders still not appearing in the "Recently Added" page. I launched a new sync, hopefully they will appear after it.

    Here are the 3 new folders:

    /Musique/Big Business/Battlefields Forever

    /Musique/Helms Alee/Helms Alee - Audiotree Live

    /Musique/Helms Alee/Helms Alee - WeatherHead

  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited October 2020

    Looking into it now. I have solved a couple of bugs, but I am not sure whether they also solve this issue (although I do hope so):

    • OneDrive folders are cached, and were removed if they have not been accessed for more than an hour. This could cause issues if it syncs every hour, and thus always uses the cache. It now uses the modified time, and stores them less long (30 minutes).
    • Previously it used the ETag for determining if a file had changed, which is a value that changes whenever the content or metadata of a file changes. Apparently this value can change at times when OneDrive runs some background processes. This has now been changed to use the content tag only, however, this will cause the files to at least resync once (as the CTag does not match the previously stored ETag, so it thinks the file has changed).
    • I forgot to normalise folder names, so "/A/B/C.mp3" and "A/B/C.mp3" would be treated as two different files. That is probably the cause of the behaviour you described @Cambionn where it would seemingly out of nothing re-add files that had already been added after manually syncing a folder.

    I'm currently working on transitioning all OneDrive entries from "/A/B/C.mp3" to "A/B/C.mp3" (so library entries, playlists, plays, etc.), so that should at least solve that issue. It should be a painless transition. However, I would still recommend to clear the cache of the Astiga app (Settings -> Cache/Network -> Clear cache) just to be sure.

  • Thanks for all your work!

    In my collection, now one of the missing folders appear in the web interface (big business/battlefields forever), the two other folders are still missing right now (but they do appear in the sync log... so I guess it will appear soon or later in the interface).

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    So the way the syncing process works is that it first goes through each folder to find the files that need to be synced (which is the GET /Musique/... part), and then once it knows that, it actually syncs those files. So in the first stage it does not actually sync anything, it just prepares a list of what to sync.

    Currently the syncing process (the ADD ...) is at the letter E, so it synced the first one (because it starts with B, and it is done alphabetically), and in a bit H will also appear.

  • I am having a similar issue. I have enabled automatic synchronisation, I uploaded a new folder (/Palm Reader) to my google drive yesterday and I can see it in the browser view but it is not in my library.

    I don't think autosync has ever worked for me and usually end up manually pointing Astiga at the updated/new folders (as opposed to a full re-sync).

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    @neasan That is a separate issue, although that should now be fixed as well.

  • Just looked that album has now synced.


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