Congratulations for this wonderfull project.

I want to expose a bug/solution for a top feature common searched by all melomaniacs and is the correct split of genres in a song. After a first import of a test library I see that a multi-genre tag is imported to database like one single genre:

"Big Beat & House & Rap & Techno & Hard Rock & Eurodance & Britpop & Heavy Metal & Glam Rock & Disco & Hair Metal & Electronic & Dance & Hip-Hop & Pop & Rock & Fun & Funky & Sexy & Catchy & 90s & Dj & Classic & Epic & Bass & Male Vocalist & British & Party & Work & Chillout"

Could you add a check to the characters ; and & for a correct distribution of tags in the database? With big collections this could be a huge problem.

Thanks a lot!


  • What solutions have you used before that support this? I know you can do it in library management software, but streaming services - not so much.

  • Hi!

    As you say, this is a library management classic solved problem but . I use now MusicBee and long ago y used Subsonic and seems it's a non solved trouble today.

    Add support for multiple genres · Issue #105 · airsonic/airsonic · GitHub

    Maybe Astiga could solve that subsonic don't. I hope so!

  • KoenKoen Administrator
    edited October 29

    The problem with this is the same as the artist separation character:

    Is it possible? Yes. Is it difficult to do with the current structure? Also yes.

    So at the moment, multi genre, artist, album, title (yes, a song can have more than one title in theory), etc. are not supported, and if they are found, they are put together combined with an ampersand.

    I moved it to feature requests by the way, because it is not really a bug, and this way other can upvote it, and I know how many others want this as well so I can give it the proper priority.

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