Is there a good way to play audiobooks using Astiga.

I know I can already add them and maybe create a genre of 'audiobooks', but the difference between audiobooks and music is that you really need to have Astiga autom bookmark where you are up to, so that whenever you return to that audiobook you are back to the right place.

Any ideas?


  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Web app or Android app? Because the latter does support bookmarks for that purpose. The former does not support that (yet).

  • Really. I use Android. Does it bookmark automatically or do I need to remember to do it?

  • KoenKoen Member, Former

    Automatically if you stop the playback yourself (press pause), although you can do it manually as well by tapping on the bookmark icon.

  • mikesmith2021mikesmith2021 Member
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    Does it remember the track and position within an audiobook? How does it handle audiobooks or podcasts with multiple mp3 files (chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, ...). If you go back to the podcast or audiobook does it take you back to the track and position and resume?

    I tested a 2-hour audio show in the app and it did not remember the position when I switched between different shows. It did place a "ribbon" next to the previously active podcast but without remembering the position it's a bit of a pain. This seems like a critical feature to be missing for any audio file, especially podcasts or audiobooks.

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  • gravelldgravelld Administrator
  • Thanks. Audio is not just about music, but podcasts and audiobooks. The product is really incomplete if it cannot deal properly with podcasts/audiobooks. Someone like myself, who has a very large podcast and audiobook collection, is likely to bounce (move-on) as soon as I can find another product that handles music/audiobooks and podcasts better. The smooth connection to pCloud is what drove me to Astiga but a few are now doing that with WebDav. With poor audiobook/podcast support this will likely be a short-lived experiment.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Agree... to an extent. Maybe we don't want a generic "audio" solution - maybe we want something highly specific to other use cases. It might make for a better UX if there was an audiobook-specific client, and an album-listening client, and a playlist listening client, for example.

    Note for anyone landing here: @mikesmith2021 might have found he could use the Booksonic client to pick up where the audio left off.

  • Booksonic does seem to work well. My preference would be one app, but having the option to connect other apps to your service to take advantage of functionality that is not currently present is a huge plus.

    I'll leave the method of the solution to the experts. As you mentioned in one of your blogs, you are working in a niche of the market. If your focus is audio then do everything with audio better than everyone else. Thus, audio is much more than just music.

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