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My music folder on my webdav server is my Itunes library from my main PC.

It contains an Itunes folder with 1000+ subfolders for the cache of the Artwork.

It would be nice if I could exclude the Itunes folder from the library so that the sync would be faster (currently taking 45min only to read this useless folder).

Thanks for your advice.

EDIT : I think I found something to achieve this : Remove Folder from Library ? I tried, I'll see if it works.

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    Excluding is currently not possible, no. That feature removes it from your library, but does not prevent it from being scanned again. The iTunes folder is certainly annoying, but I have no real solution for that at this point in time.

  • Ok thanks. I have purchased one year premium... It is way faster now and the iTunes folder is not (so much) a bottleneck now.

  • For info, if someone has the same issue once : I have simply removed the Artwork folder from the sync settincs of my cloud. The Itunes Artwork cache is now only on my computer, and I have removed it from my webdav server so it is not present anymore and hence not scanned by Astiga ;)

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