'Star' albums not working since yesterday (Android latest Beta)

CoyleyCoyley Member

Hello Koen

just to let you know that since yesterday morning the adding and removing of 'star' status seems not to be working for me.

This is on the latest Android beta app.




  • I have rebuilt my library in case that helps now that the server has been migrated. It does not change anything. At present when I add or remove 'starred' status to albums this does not change anything when I view the 'Starred' section. If I make any changes within that section, by 'Unstarring' the album stays in place and the star is back when I refresh or renter.

    The star tool is very useful so I welcome this being resolved. It was working up to the server change.

    Thank you.

  • KoenKoen Member, Former
    edited April 2021

    I will look into it. I hope to do so soon, but I am not sure when. The entire starring system needs an overhaul anyway, especially to also make it work on the web app (as also requested, and planned). I might do that instead of fixing the old system only to later throw it away. I did take a look and did not find an obvious issue (well, I found a lot of small issues, hence I want to replace it, but nothing that should stop it from working).

  • I unstarred everything shown and it seems to be working again now. Thanks for the update on your thinking Koen.

  • CernunnosCernunnos Member
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