Organize By Folder Structure


First, great job with this project! I am amazed at how well this works. I currently host a Madsonic server and I am considering migrating everything over to this. One issue I am having is with the browsing functionality of Astiga. I have a very complicated library of live recordings, organized in a very specific way utilizing folder structures that is impossible to do with normal ID3 tagging. The reason I use Madsonic over all other alternatives is because it has a setting called "organize by folder structure" that allows me to browse my library using the native folder structure on my hard drive. Additionally, it still processes the ID3 tags for track titles and also processes the album artwork. I am aware that Astiga allows browsing of the folder structure, but it does not appear to process ID3 track titles or album artwork at all. Is there any way to implement browsing functionality like this?


  • CoyleyCoyley Member

    Viewing by folder is sometimes a helpful capability in a large library, so gets my up vote for the future.

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