Edit artist image and info (and album/genre info)

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I remember in the past when I just started using Astiga, each artist page would grab information from Last.FM. Mainly images and artist info. However, by now it only shows the name, first album cover, and genre. I don't know why this got removed, but I'd love it back. Or even better, be able to set my own artist image and text to prevent the issue where multiple artists with the same name would get mixed up.

More secondary but likely not that difficult after adding it for artists, adding information on genre and album pages about that specific entry would be nice too.

Similarly, when browsing on phone I tend to use folder structure (as those are all /genre/artist/albums/tracks). I notice that folders with a track in them get the image of the first track it buffers. But folders without tracks are all stuck without any image showing an image of a music note. A few folders with tracks also seem to refuse to show the album art.

I tried putting an artist image in the artist folder with the name "folder.jpg" although I'm not sure if that's supposed to change anything but images for audio files. But sadly this doesn't seem to work anywhere in the aforementioned places I want to alter.

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