Strange Playlist Behaviour In Android App

Trying to give as much detail as possible.

  • At 13:45 today I pressed play on a non-cached, 12 song, album (Kenievel Is Evil by Throat) on the android app
  • I then went back to the album pressed the three dots menu and chose "Cache"
  • Playback took maybe 30 seconds, but probably because I was crossing Waterloo bridge and my network usually disappears at this point
  • Playback started fine but with maybe 10 seconds to go on the first track it skipped to the second song (this happens quite a bit, that first song is chopped off early)
  • I went into the app and restarted track 1 and skipped to the point it cut out, at this point the playlist was the normal length i.e. 12 songs and continued playing
  • Then because I had noticed this before and was trying to replicate it I looked at the playlist at 13:55 and it had grown to 132 songs i.e. the album repeated 11 times
  • However the first play through was only 11 songs with all other being all 12 songs and then the 12th track from the first play through tacked on at the end
  • I had noticed this first on 13 November morning (started listening at 10:30 or so) when I did similar with the new Mastodon album (Hushed and Grim) but thought I had done something weird
  • Then last night again I added the new Maybeshewill record (No Feeling Is Fine) at about 19:15, cached it and when I looked the playlist at some point later it was more than one copy of the album
  • That is why I did the test run today, will try and do one later with a cached album to see if it happens again.

I am running running version 1.5.9 of the app on a OnePlus 5 running OxyegnOS 10.0.1 (Android 10)


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    How did your next test go?

    So somewhere between your fifth and sixth step the playlist multiplied? (132 = 12/11 with no remainder - suspicious!)

  • neasanneasan Member
    edited November 2021

    So my next test was (sorry forget timings now but these were all done on Sunday 21 November):

    • Add two cached albums to playlist and l let it go for a while
    • Then added a non-cached album but clicked Cache after adding it to the playlist
    • It then added the 10 copies of the caching album only to the playlist (with the last song missing on the first playthrough and added at the end of the playlist)

    Next test:

    • Set an album to cache and then quickly added it to the playlist
    • Again it added 10 copies of the album to the playlist with the last song missing on the first playthrough and added at the end of the playlist

    Final test

    • Just added a non-cached album to the playlist without telling it to cache the album
    • No duplication/multiplication of the playlist

    Also the "Cut off the end of the first song" bug happened during the final test as well

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Ok, I'll try to replicate this soon.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    When you say "Add to playlist" do you mean a saved playlist you are currently playing or the current queue? If the latter, are you clicking "Play next" or "Play last".

  • Sorry, I did leave out that detail.

    Yes I meant the latter using the current queue of songs.

    If the current queue is empty I am just pressing playing on the album (most of my tests start this way), which (obviously) adds it to the queue.

    If there are songs in the queue the I am pressing "Play last" to put the album at the end of the queue.

  • neasanneasan Member

    So there is a variant of this and it seems to be behaviour purely due to caching a song adding it to the current queue

    Yesterday (11 July 2022) at 17:34 (or thereabouts)

    • I had lined up and was listening to a queue of three cached albums, two from Cerce and a third by SISTERWIVES (36 tracks in total)
    • I was online
    • I had Astiga cache two albums by the band Frontierer (31 tracks)
    • I did not add them to the queue
    • Astiga did add them to the queue resulting in a playlist of 732 tracks
    • The queue was now 35 of the songs from the original queue multiple copies of the two Frontierer albums and the final track was the 36th track from the original queue
    • It appeared that as each song was being cached it was being added to the queue, in album order but multiple times so it was when song 1 was cached it went 1,1,1,1,1,1,1, then when song 2 was cached it went 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2, when song 3 was cached it was 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3 and so on and so on
    • 732 may not have been the maximum size, I am guessing if I'd looked after all 31 tracks had been cached the queue might have been 997 (36 + (31X31))

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    This might be related to the artist issue I fixed, where each album was added twice.

  • neasanneasan Member

    I am on the beta and have version 1.5.11 installed, which appears to include that fix

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Sorry - I wasn't clear. I mean the behaviour is similar - it might be that the same bug exists elsewhere in the codebase due to some assumption. I am on holiday at the moment, but will look at this when I return next week (if that's ok).

  • neasanneasan Member

    OK, no worries, it's not a deal breaker

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