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This is already kind of present on mobile, but I think it would be really nice if the folders in the browser displayed art from whatever files are in any subfolder. Right now, if an album is inside of a folder or something, its art is displayed, but folders above that level don't display the art. It's not the biggest matter, but can be convenient when navigating. I also think it would be nice to have the art displayed in the browser on the web as well.

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  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Right now, if an album is inside of a folder or something, its art is displayed

    To clarify, you mean: if you click into the folder, you can see the art?

  • I mean, on mobile, let's say you're in the browser and you have an album's mp3 files within a folder.

    Often it'd look something like this once you're past the browser's main folder. But if you categorize your folder a little more you may end up with folders that look like this

    And as can be seen, the parent folder of the Christmas albums labeled 'Christmas' and the adjacent 'Halloween' don't have any art even though there are folders inside of them that display are. It's not much of a big deal there of course but...

    But I also have some music, albums, and folders which are in languages I actually don't understand where seeing art on the folders would actually be tremendously useful.

    Also, I think this way of viewing folders and their art would be nice to have on the web too. But yeah. Like a slide show for a folder that contains multiple different albums, or for those multi-part albums that I keep inside of a single parent folder, would be great; having that art there makes navigating a liittle bit more convenient especially when scrolling fast through my music. I hope that's good clarification on what I mean. Thanks!

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Oh, ok. So this is in folder browsing in the app.

    It's for when you have multiple levels in the folder hierarchy. You want something similar to on Windows where you get multiple images superimposed on the folder, e.g. all three images for Christmas arranged on a grid.

    But for any folder with enough albums, how do we decide which album artwork is shown? We can only choose a finite number, otherwise everything would be shrunk.

  • Not necessarily like the windows folders, but like... hmm.. I'm not actually sure what does it (I think the old google play did it with playlists actually before it shut down), but I think it would use the art from my most recently played songs from it and switch the playlist art kind of like a slideshow screensaver or something. For now I like how Astiga displays folders similarly to albums on mobile.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Ok, thanks.

  • CambionnCambionn Member
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    I think I can add a bit to this I think.

    I noticed folders with music only check the first time opened with files inside for pictures. So when I update the cover image to something else, the folder image never gets updated. Worse, if I open a folder before it's synchronized it's forever stuck on having no image. This part seems perhaps more like a bug than a feature request, as I doubt that's intentionally (at least, not the result of it).

    As for folders that don't contain their own music files, it is semi-related to this:

    At least for me, those folders are genres and artists. As my folder structure is genres (where the "main" genre of an artist is used to categorize rather than the track genre(s)) > artists > albums (sorted on release date by naming them [release year] - [album title]) > tracks . Although no doubt the exact hierarchy is different for each user, I'm guessing it's still mainly artists, genres, etc one way or another.

    On phone I use folder browser too as I like to search by this most of the time, as just searching artist etc end up with a bit much results (or just because I don't know what to listen to yet beside having a certain vibe in my head) and I can't select artists per genre. Folder browsing works perfect for me on phone in terms of fining stuff. It also gives me albums ordered by date which, as I might have dropped before and is still a big pet peeve of mine on desktop, is far preferred over alphabetical order to me.

    I've been thinking about making a tiny empty music file with an image to set them. But while the bug I mentioned in the second paragraph would let those stay after I remove the file again, the bug also prevents it from working in folders where I have had any kind of audio file before, which are many🙃

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Yeah, we might not be expiring a cache somewhere...

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