Play Album adds 2 copies of album to playlist

I am using Android app, playing from a pCloud repository. I clear the current playlist by opening the current playlist and hit 'Remove all'. I verify it is empty by looking at it.

I choose an album from the Library to play, I clikc "Play all' (for that album). It adds all the tracks to the playlist twice. If the album has 10 tracks, it says 'Playing 1/20'. If it has 15 tracks, it says 'Playing 1/30'. I look at the playlist, it lists 2 copies of all tracks. After it plays through the tracks once, it plays them all again. Because I have Remove play songs' switched on all the time, each track is deleted after playing, so after two times through the playlist is empty.

I have tested this with many different albums, it happens with any album I choose. How do I add an album to the playlist so it will only play once?

Another odd behavior which may be related. When adding albums to the playlist, you can choose 'Play all' or 'Play shuffled'. When I choose 'Play all', the set of tracks is added twice, in album order (1-10, followed by 1-10). If instead I hit 'Play shuffled', it still adds 2 copies of the album, but only the 2nd set is shuffled, e.g., for a 10 track album it adds 1-10 in order, followed by the same 10 tracks in shuffled order.

Is this double-playing expected?

Thanks for any suggestions.


  • Clarification:

    I just looked at the interface again and that when you open the '...' menu on an album, it actually says 'Play now', not 'Play all'. So I should have said I am clicking 'Play now', not 'Play all'.

  • Do you have the same album twice synched? Different files? Maybe a problem with metadata. Doble drive added?

  • Good questions. When I look at pCloud directly, or when I look at albums from Asitga web player, the albums/tracks only appear once. I'm not sure precisely what you mean by having an album twice synched, but when I look at the log of my last full sync (Feb 15), each album/track is only listed once. By 'double drives', I assume you mean two storage providers each having a copy of the same album, but I only have a single storage provider (pCloud). I'm not sure sure how metadata would play into it so not sure what to check on that count.

    After more experimenting and I have found this only occurs in one specific pathway. For these experiments, I used a single artist who only has a single album, with 10 tracks. I cleared the cache and playlist between each test. The duplicate track issue only happens when I add an entire album from Library|Artist_Lists. It does NOT occur when accessing the _same_ album from Library|Album_Lists. And it does not occur when adding the same album from the Browser. Also, it does not occur with the Web Player, whether from Albums or Artists.

    So has anyone else observed this specific behavior: On Android, when adding an album to the current playlist from Library|Artists Lists|Alphabetically, are the tracks added twice (duplicated) or just once (as expected)?

    I can post screenshots if that would be useful.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Thanks for taking the time to conduct this careful debugging work / analysis.

    I'll try to replicate next week - I'm in the middle of continued work on sync at the moment.

  • Update. Since observing this glitch, I deleted my entire repository from pCloud, then re-uploaded the entire library to pCloud. The library is 100% flacs, all of which have all been recently tagged using online databases (I have been cleaning/reorganzing library since first of year). I then did a complete Astiga re-sync (Force and Remove both checked), so I am confident the library is 'clean'.

    Unfortunately, still seeing the same problem (Android). When I add an album to playlist from Artists, all tracks are added twice. When adding same album from Albums or from Browser, no problems, they get added only once. As before, each test was preceded by clearing both the playlist and the cache.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    I'll add a ticket for this, thanks.

  • This sounds similar to my previous issue:

    I am on google drive instead of pCloud

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    @cmartin Can I just confirm that your issue of tracks being added twice is when you:

    1. Click list to show artists (e.g. "Recently added")
    2. Click an artist (e.g. "The Boo Radleys")
    3. Click the Play button at the top of the screen:

    I would expect this to playlist all the tracks for all the albums by this artist.

    Instead I think I see the same as you - all tracks get added twice. If there are multiple albums all tracks are added for each album, then all tracks are added again.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    I can see what's going on here. On the Astiga server, when we are asked for information for the artist to populate the songs and albums list for that artist we reply with all the tracks and all the albums. This means we can populate both - the albums, and the tracks within.

    When the Play button is pressed, the app adds all the songs that have already been identified, plus it then asks for all the tracks for each album... which means the tracks are duplicated.

    I'm trying to work out the best way to proceed...

    I should add that there's a workaround: enable Browse by tags inside Settings -> Accounts -> Astiga. However, this means only the albums are displayed, not the tracks within.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    I've fixed this - I'll release a beta of the Android app next week (that's where the fix is).

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