Android app release thread

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In common with the overall platform release thread, I've decided to group news of app improvements into one thread.

This thread is read-only because I don't want to distract from the information about what each build contains. If you want to raise an issue or discuss any of the builds, or features in the builds, please open a new thread.


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    • Better error messages if failed to login.
    • When the app is closed due to battery optimisation, handle this better so the app can be resumed.
    • Don't ask for write permissions when on Android KitKat (4.4) or later.
    • Support "play some music" voice commands.
    • If a "play x" voice command can't find an artist "x", fallback to querying for a song "x" and playing that instead.
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    edited November 2023


    • Don't restart services in the foreground if we're currently in the background.

    Alpha/beta build announcement.

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    • More checks and guards against incorrect foreground/background operation, to avoid crashing.

    Alpha/beta build announcement.

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