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This thread contains summaries of each new build and upload we make to the Astiga service.

By Astiga "service" I mean the Web hosted service, including the website, , the sync process and so on. It generally does not include changes to the Android, Windows or Linux apps (although updates may include functionality that those apps depend on).

We aim to ship new builds every other week, and more often when there are critical issues to fix. A regular cadence of updates gets new features into your hands quicker, and gets us feedback quicker so we can improve the product more accurately for you, our users.

This thread is read-only because I don't want to distract from the information about what each build contains. If you want to raise an issue or discuss any of the builds, or features in the builds, please open a new thread.


  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20221027

    Artist album sorting

    - Add artist album sorting to the "bands" page

    - When an artist has multiple albums in the same year, make sure all are shown

    - Remember the sorting option for artists' albums and use as the default

    - When sorting all albums for an artist by year, it shouldn't matter whether the artist is the "artist" or a "band"

    - Make sure the sort dropdown doesn't redirect to a different page when there are albums with different artists

    Other stuff

    - When on a narrow screen, dismiss the left-hand side menu when clicking an item

    - When clicking a tag on the tag modal, make sure the dark background overlay is removed

    - Fix "this.splice is not a function" on macOS Chrome

    - Fix songs layout when there are so many songs that the pagination links overlap their container

    - Show a popup error message when a song fails to play

    - Added a link to the AUR package in the /apps list

    - Style the independent scrollbars for content browsing/the play queue

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20221108

    Some UI cleanup tasks while we work on some new code for user onboarding...

    • Move all confirm/* pages to the new design
    • Show Astiga logo on narrowest screen widths on /register
    • Make sure the background of the play queue stretches the full height, whether empty or full of tracks
    • Fix the width of the duration counters
  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20221122

    • Added an onboarding checklist for new users:

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