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This thread contains summaries of each new build and upload we make to the Astiga service.

By Astiga "service" I mean the Web hosted service, including the website, , the sync process and so on. It generally does not include changes to the Android, Windows or Linux apps (although updates may include functionality that those apps depend on).

We aim to ship new builds every other week, and more often when there are critical issues to fix. A regular cadence of updates gets new features into your hands quicker, and gets us feedback quicker so we can improve the product more accurately for you, our users.

This thread is read-only because I don't want to distract from the information about what each build contains. If you want to raise an issue or discuss any of the builds, or features in the builds, please open a new thread.

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    Build 20221027

    Artist album sorting

    - Add artist album sorting to the "bands" page

    - When an artist has multiple albums in the same year, make sure all are shown

    - Remember the sorting option for artists' albums and use as the default

    - When sorting all albums for an artist by year, it shouldn't matter whether the artist is the "artist" or a "band"

    - Make sure the sort dropdown doesn't redirect to a different page when there are albums with different artists

    Other stuff

    - When on a narrow screen, dismiss the left-hand side menu when clicking an item

    - When clicking a tag on the tag modal, make sure the dark background overlay is removed

    - Fix "this.splice is not a function" on macOS Chrome

    - Fix songs layout when there are so many songs that the pagination links overlap their container

    - Show a popup error message when a song fails to play

    - Added a link to the AUR package in the /apps list

    - Style the independent scrollbars for content browsing/the play queue

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    Build 20221108

    Some UI cleanup tasks while we work on some new code for user onboarding...

    • Move all confirm/* pages to the new design
    • Show Astiga logo on narrowest screen widths on /register
    • Make sure the background of the play queue stretches the full height, whether empty or full of tracks
    • Fix the width of the duration counters
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    Build 20221122

    • Added an onboarding checklist for new users:

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20221207

    • Added a new onboarding wizard to simplify adding storage accounts (currently only visible for new users).
    • Improvements for the onboarding checklist.
    • When an album is played, don't retrieve every file in the album to check if it is valid audio (do it lazily instead).

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20221220

    • Recover from failure to download podcast episode list, when the podcast URL isn't contactable.
    • Fix some styling issues on the payment pages.
    • Remove caching on most generated pages.
    • Move the field explanations underneath the fields on the add/edit storage pages.
    • Clicking the "+" button on a folder now adds all files in all folders inside that folder.
    • Started sending free trial lifecycle emails to help people get started.
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    Build 20230113

    Subsonic changes to support Symfonium
    • Allow empty queries to search3 to return all records for Symfonium sync.
    • Expose serverVersion .
    • Don't allow the file list on the /storage/ pages to wrap.
    • Show more details about the failure when we fail to retrieve the podcast episode list.
    • Don't read full sync logs into memory when checking for a previous sync crash.
    • As soon as the first sync begins, check the step in the onboarding checklist.
    • Fix the email unsubscribe endpoint.
    • Make sure playback failure notifications don't appear behind the play queue.
    • Shuffle/repeat buttons should appear more muted when deselected in dark mode.
    • Provide a way of deleting your data when the free trial expires.
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    Build 20230125

    Subsonic changes to support Symfonium
    • Make sure we don't return differing album IDs when albums have different track artists.
    • Show any errors when signing up on the sign-up page.
    • Show feedback when clicking sign-up.
    • Fix styling on Premium links on the add storage pages.
    • Make sure the play queue can be displayed on the final page of the storage setup pages.
    • Populate metadata when a track is played on the final page of the storage setup pages.
    • Don't show tracks for albums with the same suffix when an album name ends with "%".

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    Build 20230209

    Pricing changes
    • Support multiple currencies and the new pricing structure.

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    Build 20230222

    Playlist improvements
    • When clicking a playlist in the left nav, open the play queue to show what was selected.
    • Fix titles of edit storage pages.
    • If the user cancels their plan, also allow re-subscription.
    • Populate the plans in free-trial-expired.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230307

    Playlist improvements
    • Add grips to the tracks in the play queue to make re-ordering more obvious.
    • Fix appending a playlist to the play queue from the storage browser.
    • Send billing notification emails before charging a card on subscription.
    • Be more lenient handling Paypal IPNs and Stripe webhook events.
    • Lay groundwork for notifications UI (we've done this so we can better communicate out-of-band issues like with auto sync).
    • Style the error message if registration fails, to make it stand out.
    • Auto focus on the email field on the login page.
    • Create a robots.txt for
    • Return a 404 when a file can't be found in storage, and display this message in the UI. Same if the storage account itself is missing.
    • Pre-populate with the existing password for SFTP accounts and add a confirmation dialog when the password is removed.
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    Build 20230321

    Browsing/navigation improvements
    • We've made the Library the first thing you see when you log into Astiga:

    • Storage accounts are created, edited and deleted in the settings area:

    • Exposed the notifications UI:

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230322

    A few things fixing some cosmetic issues in yesterday's release...

    • Clicking the settings link now refreshes the left-hand settings menu correctly.
    • Changed the colour of headings of the alert when in dark mode.
    • The left-hand sidebar is now sticky again.

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    Build 20230406

    This build contains the first set of playlist improvements from the 2023 roadmap.

    Playlist improvements
    • We added a playlists page, so you can see all your current playlists... (click the Playlists link to see it - the dropdown is still there).
    • ... and dig into them, without loading into the play queue:
    Storage settings
    • When updating storage settings, don't redirect.
    • After deleting a storage account, show an alert as to whether it was successful/failed.
    • After adding a storage account, redirect to /settings, not /home.
    Other stuff
    • Show notification detail in modal dialogs.
    • Remove the link on the user's name in the top-right box.
    • Don't send payment renewal reminders to users who have unsubscribed.
    • Check that the email hasn't been confirmed when sending a welcome email.
    • Show a failure to play error message when the file isn't natively supported by the browser.
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  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230418

    More work on playlists in this build...

    Playlist improvements
    • Allow any song to be added to a playlist:
    • Change the playlist import icon to a proper button.
    • When importing playlists, show a busy spinner.
    • Show generic album art for playlists when in dark mode.
    Other stuff
    • Add Mastodon/Facebook links to the support page.
  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230504

    We ran out of time this week to integrate our biggest change to editing playlist ordering, but there are some other smaller improvements besides:

    • If fetching a file for playback fails, show a more descriptive error message, and wait the full time in case it's just being slow.
    • Show a message saying fetching a file is taking a while if it takes longer than 30s.
    • Avoid multiple retry fetches when we fail to fetch a file that is not valid audio.
    • Line up the remove icon on the play queue vertically.
    • For WebDAV storage, make sure artwork inside music files is shown as representative of a folder in the app.
  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230516

    As promised, this release contains some improvements to playlist editing.

    Playlist ordering can now be changed on the playlist page by dragging:

    Or by specifying a location:

    Playlist names can also be changed:

    Other items:

    • Make sure the current playlist is checked under the "..." list for each song when viewing that same playlist.
    • During playlist import, handle larger storage accounts by only timing out on a per-file/folder basis, rather than across the entire account.
    • Show errors from playlist import in the browser.
    • Don't blindly restart playlist import if there was an error.
  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230530

    This build has a bunch of small improvements; our main efforts this milestone were in redesigning how the product is built to make it easier to deploy in future.

    The smaller items:

    • When adding new Google Drive or pCloud storage accounts, make sure the initial browse works.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230613

    This build adds the ability to see ratings for albums, artists and songs.

    For albums and artists, the rating appears at the top of the relevant album/artist page:

    For tracks, you'll find them in the list:

    (Note: we've noticed this only works in the artist song list. We'll add it to the others for the next release).

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230627

    We're continuing our work on ratings. This release allows you to add and update ratings for albums and update ratings where ratings have already been set for songs:

    We'll be working on adding ratings for songs and deleting ratings next.

    We've also completed most of the "playlist addition" work in this release. You can now add entire albums, artists, genres etc to a playlist:

    And some bug fixes:

    • When clicking a link in the sidebar, scroll the main content to the top.
    • Fix the scheduled podcast episode updater.
    • Fix setting rating for tracks in the Android app.
  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230711

    This release completes the work in the Web app of adding and now removing ratings. This can now be done for albums, artists and songs.

    The first background change we made to support track ratings was to move to a one-line-per-track model for track listings, rather than having two columns. This provides more space for the rating to be shown. We also thought this was an improvement, beyond supporting ratings, because it's more consistent with the inherent ordering of tracks within a release.

    Ratings can be added to tracks from the dropdown as so:

    They can be changed like with albums, by hovering over the stars.

    We've added a "trash" icon to remove the rating, rather than relying on zero stars filled in:

    We thought that removing the stars completely was less ambiguous than having none of them filled - otherwise does zero stars mean an album you don't like, or an album that is unrated? Hopefully this way makes it clear it's the latter.

    Our next steps with ratings will be to expose these to filtering and sorting capabilities.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230801

    A small break, and just a small release, this week because I've been on holiday!

    • Avoid the "this.playlist[index] is undefined" Javascript error.
    • When an artist name is derived from the album artist/band tag, indicate this on the album card (this is to help explain why albums are split if odd tracks don't have the album artist/band tag set).
    • Artists and albums can now be clicked by clicking their art, as well as their name.
  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230815

    Mostly bug fixes and small UX improvements on the web app this week...

    • When adding tracks to the play queue, open the play queue automatically.
    • Fix ratings code when moving from albums page to songs page.
    • Make sure tracks with HTML reserved characters play correctly.
    • Podcast updates shouldn't stop when a podcast's feed doesn't parse correctly.
    • When hovering over the trash rating icon, don't highlight all stars.
    • When clicking an album cover to go to that album, don't stop playing music.
  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230829

    I had hoped to have launched song filtering today but unfortunately we ran out of time to tie up some loose ends. This will have to wait until the next release now.


    • Fixed the premium page for yearly subscribers, and made the headings make more sense for all premium subscribers.
    • Fixed internal error reporting for podcast parsing.
    • For Google Drive accounts, always require consent. This ensures the refresh token is always returned, including for Google accounts that have previously approved Astiga's connection, thereby meaning we don't get the "refresh token must be passed in" message.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20230914

    Song filtering is here! Well, the first step anyway. This release adds a button to the Songs list to filter by rating:

    The list is inclusive, so you can list all four- and five-star rated songs if you like.

    Naturally, the next steps are to add more filters, and expand these filters to the albums list.

    In other news:

    • Fix the width of album cards when the play queue is expanded (make them wider, basically).
    • Avoid Javascript errors when the play queue is empty.
    • The "Browse and play" final stage of adding a storage account should now allow you to... play.
    • If a FLAC or OGG contains a Vorbis Comment tag, always prefer that to any ID3 tags.
    • If a WebDAV server responds including a folder path with a full URL including port number, make sure the port number is stripped when we traverse the folders.

    (Aside: we've done some work on sharing playlists between users. This is only applicable to music for which you hold the copyright, in this case the "users" were music creators. If this sounds useful to you and you'd like to try it out, let us know!).

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20231002

    We've added a second song filter, based on the date the song was added to the library:

    This works in conjunction with the rating filter.

    Remember to fully refresh the page so all Javascript is updated before using the above!

    Other stuff:

    • Made the song queries to the database a lot faster.
    • Make sure the remove rating icon appears when the song has a five star rating.
  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20231010

    This build contains a few smaller items... In the meantime we're working on more track filtering.


    • Make sure the "X" button closes the edit playlist name dialog.
    • If a playlist is empty, don't show a 404 message - instead give some instructions on how to add tracks.
    • Don't delete the playlist when re-ordering!

    Other stuff:

    • When a sync is cancelled during the initial traversal stage (where you get the "GET" lines in the logs) make sure the END message is written so syncs can be re-run immediately.
    • Add a button to edit storage from the storage browser.
    • Make sure the podcasts list wraps.
    • Fix Subsonic call to getRandomSongs
  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20231026

    The last of the song filters in this week's build - "last played":

    Next, we'll take the filters we've implemented so far on the songs page and make them available on the albums, artists, genres etc pages too.

    Other stuff:

    • Allow OAuth tokens to be updated from the storage settings pages.
    • The generic playlist image is now clickable, to view the playlist.
    • Fixed tooltips on "add to playlist" buttons.
    • Fixed /band page 404s.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20231108

    In this build we've moved all of those new song filters into the other library pages, so now you can filter songs on album, artist and genre pages.

    Other stuff:

    • Return consistent albumIds between the album and songs in Subsonic /getAlbum calls.
    • Update pCloud registration call to send a HTTP_REFERER.
    • Identify the Astiga podcast updater bot and publish an identification document.
    • Publish the Astiga IPs.
    • Make sure that only the filtered songs are added to the play queue when Add random selection is clicked.
    • Better error messages when files can't be found in Google Drive.
    • Don't show "Token has been updated successfully" after updating the token then re-entering the edit storage page.

  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20231121

    The focus in this release was improving error messages when files were missing from cloud storage (or having been renamed), while cleaning up a few bits around the filtering code. That's while also working on the Android app, to improve stability on Android 12+.

    For Google Drive, Dropbox and pCloud we've taken extra steps to communicate missing files better. Often times, these providers would return fairly cryptic error messages which were hard to decipher, and sometimes we'd forward on error messages which were encoded and combined with other information that made it hard to read. We've changed this to try to return a more helpful and specific error message.

    Other stuff:

    • Fix the "Click here to sync your library" links on the Overview page.
    • Fix the tooltips for the "Add to playlist" buttons on album, artist, band and genre pages.
    • Make it more obvious that the play queue button... is a button.
    • Move the song count down next to the filter on the Songs page.
    • Make sure the Edit button on storage browsing pages link to the edit page for the correct storage account.
    • On band and playlist pages, make sure the filters don't deselect after being clicked.
    • Add all tracks when the "Play" or "+" button is clicked on albums in an album list.
    • Make sure we don't swallow and ignore certain classes of error when we are performing syncs.
    • Don't ignore folders called "0" in S3 storage.
  • gravelldgravelld Administrator

    Build 20231205

    Building on our recent improvements to library navigation, this build contains artist album filtering. This only appears on the /artist/ pages, and allows you to filter an artist's albums by rating:

    We'll be rolling that out to the other pages soon.

    Note: the filter also appears on the /band/ pages but doesn't work properly - we're aware of this, and will fix it in the next build.

    Other stuff:

    • More work on avoiding crashes in the Android app when not running in the foreground.
    • Fix deletion of user data when the user has many notifications.
    • Complete verification of the podcast updater with Cloudflare.
    • If an invalid Subsonic ID is sent to create a bookmark, reply with an error.
    • Show the list of storage accounts on the home page with their respective icons, rather than generic clouds.
    • Report file not found from OneDrive so its shown in the app and Web app with a more helpful error message.
    • Add song count to the library pages (/artists/, /genres/ et al)
    • Avoid a NullPointerException in the Android app.

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