Adding album to playlist is only adding the first song?

ruffinruffin Member
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I tried to add Hackney Diamonds from the album view (albums, h, click box) to a stones playlist twice. Both times I only got the first song added. The tracks are AAC if that means anything.

Also, related, is there a way to remove a song or songs from a playlist? I could find move, but not remove.

Argh, search the bugs before you post. 😉

Also, related, is there a way to delete posts added to the forums? (haha) But really, how do I delete tracks from playlists...

Let's see.. I'll answer the questions over there.

  • This is on the web UI.
  • Astiga
  • Did control-F5, tried again, I now have three copies of Angry in my playlist and no other songs added.


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