Symfonium and Astiga

thezabthezab Member
edited November 2022 in Other apps

Hi :)

i'm using Astiga with the subsonic client Symfonium which for Android is the one of the most well done client for Subsonic based services.

I've some problems on using it with Astiga:

  • Astiga needs the Symfonium's compatibility mode for using with it due to the unsupported empty query on the search3 web service, getting a very slow sync process everytime.
  • There's some problems with the management of compilations, i've talked with the developer on his support channel ( and there's some invalid data with various artists compilations.

For the other things Symfonium is working great, so i hope we can enhance better this integration and have a wonderful subsonic client for Android which works well with Astiga ;)


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