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    Build 20231219

    Improvements in this release are mainly around playlist handling.

    We've improved playlists when tracks are unsynced. Before, each track would be shown as "Unsynced". Now, we show the full path, but with an "Unsynced" badge:

    In addition (and this was a bug really) unsynced files weren't playable from the playlist. This is now fixed.

    The idea with these improvements was to make playlisting give value whether storage has been synced or not.

    In addition, behind the scenes we're now required to undergo a vulnerability assessment to continue integrating with Google Drive. As a result we're updating a bunch of dependencies which present theoretical vulnerabilities.

    Other things:

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    Build 20240110

    Happy New Year! (For those that follow the Gregorian calendar).

    This build continues our work on library browsing, and there's some other small bits.

    • Fixed syncing large libraries where, after traversing the folder structure, the files would not be added.
    • To better support larger libraries we've added track pagination to the album, artist, genre and other library pages (except playlists, for now).
    • Fixed the album filters on /band/ pages.

    In other news, which impacts our development work...

    Before Christmas we received notice from Google that we would have to pass a rigorous verification process to ascertain that software, like ours, which connects to Google Drive is not vulnerable to a host of varied security vulnerabilities. If we chose not to undergo the process we would be limited to one-hundred connected users, which is obviously not enough to support all users of Astiga.

    Google assigned a short deadline on this of mid-February which, with the development work added to a period of interview is very, very tight. We have requested an extension, but in the meantime it seems prudent to get this work done as soon as possible to avoid any break in our Google Drive integration.

    Most of the development work is not actually in our code, but in updating dependencies which either have known vulnerabilities (although in practice aren't actually exposed) or in turn have their own dependencies that have known vulnerabilities.

    This is why some new developments have had to be delayed, while we work on these changes. On the upside, it has improved our processes in that we now perform extra build checks for security vulnerabilities and static code checking.

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    Build 20240124

    Back into the New Year swing now! Our work on authorisation with Google Drive is continuing (we've also been granted an extension until mid March). But in the meantime we've been busy on useful stuff you can actually use!

    This release contains the first iteration of song sorting for the Web interface. On the album, artist, band and genre pages you can now sort the songs in the song list:

    These should be fairly self explanatory, but just to explain one thing: By album appears on all non-album pages and sorts the songs so that all songs on an album are together and in position order. On the album page you'll notice this is renamed to By position because, obviously, the songs you see on that page are only for one album anyway.

    Next release we'll be honing a few of the edges around filtering, adding filters for albums and I hope to be releasing an updated roadmap, replacing the 2023 roadmap.

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    Build 20240209

    This release adds a new release date filter to album filters (still just visible under artists for now):

    This filter inspects the YEAR field in your tracks' library and selects only those albums whose tracks' YEAR fall within the lower/upper bounds.

    Other stuff:

    • Changed our cookies so that they are configured to be SameSite=Lax. We don't use SameSite=Strict to support OAuth redirection when authorising storage connections.
    • Fix playback from BackBlaze.
    • Disable pCloud registration at register time.
    • Respect discnumber in album track ordering.
    • Fix OneDrive connections for files in the root folder.
    • We completed, and passed, our Google OAuth verification (yay! 🥳 )
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    Build 20240221

    Smallish items this week:

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    Build 20240312

    Much of this past three weeks has been taking refactoring some of our code to remove duplication and make things faster going forward. Here are some small improvements we made:

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    Build 20240326

    This week we added track sorting by added date (that is, the date they were added to your collection):


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    Build 20240411

    We've implemented some more improvements to sorting/filtering this week. The album filtering UX you see on genre, artist and band pages has been changed to work a little differently:

    You'll notice a quirk or two in the styling - we'll fix that next release, and we'll also incorporate the same UX for song filtering.


    • The album "date released" filter maintains tab focus going from "from" to "until".
    • Allow albums to be sorted by play count.
    • Allow additions to playlists from other playlists.
    • Handle some edge cases in PayPal IPN notifications, and be generally more verbose about reporting payment/subscription update problems.
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    Build 20240423

    Big changes this week to sorting and filtering! We've updated all UX so it looks and behaves the same. We think it's much easier to filter, sort and enable/disable filtering this way.

    Sorting can now work ascending/descending for all sort fields. The filter button now works as a dropdown, and the button updates when a filter is chosen with an "X" next to it to remove the filter.


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    Build 20240508

    A lot of work in this release! In the background we're working on some exciting improvements to library navigation, but it's not quite demonstrable yet. Hopefully in the coming weeks!

    Meanwhile, a new feature: album sorting by play count:

    Our sorting and filtering work is now almost concluded (track sort by plays narrowly missed out on this build) but please let us know how this can be improved some more.

    Smaller items:

    • Fixed filter buttons after a page navigation has previously occurred.
    • Fix playing playlists from the playlist detail page.
    • Fix the "+" button for populating tracks from a playlist into the play queue from the sidenav.
    • Change the album song sort title from "position" to "album order".
    • Show more than 100 albums on the genre page.
    • Make sure artist names are shown on /artist/ pages without a band .
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    Build 20240523

    This build contains a new way of sorting tracks by play count:

    Smaller items:

    • Build the "recently added" list in a more memory efficient way.
    • Make the Play and Add (+) buttons on playlist pages play/add all the tracks in that playlist, not just those on the current page.
    • Tracks listed on a playlist page should show whether or not their storage account exists.
    • Tracks listed on a playlist page should show whether or not the previous tracks come from different storage accounts.
    • Fix the "+" side-nav shortcut button for adding tracks from a playlist to the play queue. When files are now on deleted storage accounts, still include the tracks that do exist.
    • When showing an artist's songs, ignore trailing or leading whitespace originally recorded in the tag or custom metadata.
    • Group artists with different trailing/leading whitespace in the artists/ and bands/ list and trim the name in the URL.
    • Fix album sort by play count descending (most played first) - it was just working like ascending (least played first).
    • Update song counts when the filter buttons are used.
    • Fix custom album date released filter.
    • When an album, genre, artist or whatever has two tracks with the same name, sometimes the wrong one can be highlighted when played.
    • Support the Subsonic deleteUser method.
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    Build 20240604

    A nice extra feature this week is the ability to add to a playlist from the play queue:

    This is useful when listening to tracks on the play queue and assigning/classifying them by playlist.


    • Fixed the play queue's scroll-to-bottom behaviour when adding a large number of tracks (the scroll wheel wasn't working for a few seconds before).
    • Use the Retry-After header when getting folders from OneDrive to improve the throughput when we have high numbers of OneDrive requests.
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    Build 20240610

    We've made a release of some updates for an in-progress beta test of new functionality. Because this isn't released widely we won't announce this in any detail or via other channels.

    We're still aiming for another release next week.

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    Build 20240618

    In this build we've been concentrating on some improvements in our integrations with storage providers and some library management features.

    • Clicking "Play" or "+" on an individual genre, artist, band or album now allows greater than 100 tracks to be added to the play queue.
    • If multiple drives are found in a user's OneDrive account and the drive is not identified in the Astiga "initial folder", use me/drive to ask for the canonical drive from OneDrive and use that.
    • On an artist page, don't show albums whose artist name merely contains the name of the current artist.
    • If a file isn't found when it is played, make a note of it and when the next sync occurs and Remove is chosen delete it, and siblings in deleted folders, from the library.
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